Northeastern Education Advocacy Effort

Despite an existing law enacted more than a decade earlier in a Northeastern state, most communities – and especially their 3- and 4-year-olds – remained without access to high-quality preschool programs that would prepare them for success in school and life. The goals of this nonprofit organization-led advocacy effort were simple: to bring together child advocates, philanthropists, business leaders, engaged citizens and elected officials to build public will to expand a high-quality preschool program throughout the region; to create bipartisan support for action to make the subject an issue in the next election; and, to secure funding to support the issue.

“As a team, Neimand Collaborative – so aptly named! – was recruited to collaborate with my organization because of national experience with early education issues. Together, we created the initial branding and communications for a start-up, targeted advocacy organization. Supported by Neimand, the website design and hosting enabled us to manage relationships. Throughout several years of operation, we developed a variety of sophisticated, reader-friendly and dynamic advocacy materials. As planned, the organization closed after slightly more than 5 years of operation: our job was done. We’d provided strategic focus for the previously absent issue of preschool expansion in our region. The to-date result: nearly $1 billion of additional funding has been directed for 3- and 4-year-olds.

Former client/collaborator and campaign lead


Supporting the organization, we worked collaboratively to create the brand to support grasstops and grassroots information and initial implementation. Community advocates were empowered by the effort’s website, which managed relationships and provided advocacy materials in the form of videos, easy-to-understand research papers, sample op-eds and letters to the editor and frequent advocacy action items. The organization provided leadership, strategic vision and an active voice in dialogue through local community meetings, communication and grassroots outreach and especially in policy focus.


These efforts resulted in a bipartisan strategy that allocated tens of millions of dollars during only the second year of advocacy. The nonprofit organization prioritized a laser focus on preschool expansion as that would create the foundation for broader support for other areas of early education.

Intended from inception as a directed, short-term effort to last no more than 3-4 years, the nonprofit organization consciously extended operations through the pandemic years to ensure that preschool education retained its newly achieved regional priority. When the effort ended, it had successfully achieved its objective: To provide strategic focus for preschool expansion and make preschool funding a regional priority. That priority was cemented in an executive and legislative formal plan with funding for universal preschool as a key foundation of the educational program for the region. Through the most recent fiscal year, a total of nearly $1 billion has been budgeted for preschool education.


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