Karolyn Cooper joins Neimand Collaborative as a Senior Social Impact Strategist

Neimand Collaborative is pleased to announce that Karolyn Cooper has joined our team as a Senior Social Impact Strategist. With over 20 years of experience in leading research, integrated strategic marketing and evaluation, Karolyn has the comprehensive skills to help our clients engage people and move insights into impact.

We first met Karolyn when she worked with our long-term research partner, Artemis Strategy Group. Karolyn’s ability to draw people out, find what is important to them and analyze their insights was instrumental in many of the transformative message frames we created, such as Parents as Consumers of Early Childhood and K-12 Education, Student-centric Curriculum and Transportation Infrastructure.

Karolyn went on to leadership roles at two K-12 education nonprofits where she focused on marketing and social impact partnerships. Seeing the connections between education and other social issues, she called Rich and Sarah for advice on how to apply her experience across sectors for organizations striving to do good. Her goal was to make a meaningful and measurable difference in society. Our advice was to join our team.

“Karolyn’s expertise in all aspects of social impact marketing helps our clients move from what they want to do to getting it done—all in a way that engages those served in the design of solutions,” says Sarah Hutchinson, President and Partner. “She has already made an impact in our work for North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to provide equitable access to COVID-19 vaccination in North Carolina. She is a wonderful colleague, and we look forward to doing great things together.”

Karolyn received her bachelor’s degree in sociology with a focus on applied research methods and women’s and gender studies from the College of Charleston, and her master’s degree in sociology from the University of Maryland College Park with an emphasis on race, ethnicity and social inequality. She also has graduate certificates in Advanced Market Research from the University of Georgia Terry College of Business, and Social Impact Partnerships from Georgetown University.

Raised in New York City, where she gained an appreciation for people from all walks of life, Karolyn lives in South Carolina with her family. We’re very happy that she is now a part of our family at Neimand Collaborative.