Changing for the better.

I’m pleased to announce some changes for the better at Neimand Collaborative.

Dave Clayton has been promoted to Executive Vice President and will now help me run the Collaborative, better serve our clients and shape our future direction. Dave has always been the North Star for our clients. Through research, analysis and the best intuition in the business, Dave has helped us chart the strategic path forward in many successful projects and campaigns. It stands to reason that we put these skills to use in our own company. For years, Dave has pushed all of us to think harder and execute with greater purpose. This platform will help all of us achieve greater success for our clients.

Sarah Hutchinson has been promoted to Vice President of Creative Services. Sarah is one of the few people with the talent and discipline to make the conceptual physical. She convinced us that we could do more than just position brands and conceptualize campaigns—we could implement them and deliver greater impact for our clients. Today she oversees our creative team and translates complex strategies into beautifully executed products, from advertising to web sites, collateral and social media. She is a tremendous asset to our clients. Her new position reflects the admiration we all have for her work.

The mantle of Creative Director has been officially passed to Armando Molina Bou, something I did unofficially 21 years ago when he was crazy enough to agree to work with me to build a different kind of communications firm. The look and feel of our creative products is a direct result of many years of collaboration with Armando. The best thing about the Internet Age is that Armando can live in Argentina with his daughter Antonia and their family while our work together lives on in more powerful creations.

Shannon Rosenthal has been with Neimand Collaborative since its inception, doing the important business of making sure our business works and stays healthy. She has created a work environment that frees us to help others make great impact. We wouldn’t be who we are without her. Shannon is now our Vice President of Operations.

As for me, I’ll continue to do what I do best, which is some combination of fearful leadership, substance and secret sauce that meets people where they are and moves them forward. Seven years ago we had an idea of what Neimand Collaborative could become. It became us, and now we look forward to changing for the better. We hope you do, too.

— Rich Neimand

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