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You move forward by working all the angles that create impact.Working all the angles that create impact.

Government is too small to do it all. Philanthropy doesn’t have enough money. Private enterprise needs incentive to meet public needs. People, when properly motivated as consumers of policies and products, greatly influence the marketplace of public and private innovation.

  • Politics

    The best politics creates the best policies.

  • Policy

    The best policies meet public needs.

  • People

    Popular support drives the best politics.

Politics drives policy
and people drive both.

A simple method for social impact.

We have an intuitive way to move you forward: meet people where they are, find connecting interests and lead them to a better place.

  • Goals

    What you’re trying to achieve with whom and how fast.

  • Research

    Where your value connects with what people value.

  • Brand & Message

    One message that builds valued relationships with different people.

  • Market

    A practical and measurable strategy that moves everyone to act in their own interest and the interests of others.

We simplify the complexity of rallying government, philanthropy, private enterprise, practitioners
and people around something new and better.

Trust for Learning

Making ideal learning real for all.

We believe that social impact only happens when public demand for improvement is met with the supply of products and policies that deliver results—not just for a few, but for all. That’s why we were so happy when Trust for Learning (the Trust) found us and asked for help in bringing ideal early learning programs to all children, regardless of their zip code.

The Trust had to overcome a number of obstacles to achieve its mission. It was advocating for access to ideal early learning programs at a time when policymakers and many advocates thought that providing access to any alternative to the status quo was the best they could do. Separate communities of Ideal Learning providers, such as Montessori, Friends Center for Children, Reggio Emilia, Tools of the Mind, Bank Street College of Education, and Waldorf, had to be brought together as a field to define and advance universal principles of Ideal Learning. Funders and program providers had to be convinced to invest significant resources in increasing access to Ideal Learning programs for more children and communities, especially those who are historically underserved by the best-performing programs.

Neimand Collaborative helped Trust for Learning develop a foundational marketing plan that has empowered this small group of collaborative funders to do big work in bringing the highest-quality early childhood programs to all children. We helped them combine and sequence field building with message development, fundraising, capacity building, communications and policy advocacy. And, we built and promoted a series of products that elevates the Trust and advances its work. The Trust’s website now serves as a hub for Ideal Learning advocates and practitioners, providing advocacy and informational materials that can be used across programs and providers. In addition, we helped the Trust complete groundbreaking national research into parents as consumers of early childhood education, which has helped Ideal Learning providers forge closer ties with parents and communities and is changing the way the early childhood community improves parent engagement and equity through access to ideal programs.

Our early work of intensive strategic planning, an organizational theory of change, branding and strategic communications laid the groundwork for the Trust to evolve into a thought leader in high-quality early education and an active partner in helping funders and practitioners scale Ideal Learning programs to all children, not just to those whose parents can afford them. Neimand Collaborative continues to serve as the Trust’s strategic communications partner in charge of impact marketing—making Ideal Learning real for all children and making sure nobody settles for anything less.


  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Research
  • Communications
  • Website management

Artemis Strategy Group; Calibogue Communications


Rich Neimand


Rich quickly grasps the forces that drive behaviors and decisions. Whether it’s surveys, white papers, journalists, politicians, policies, sound bites, Facebook or Twitter—Rich sees the battleground from the outset and his insights influence how we research and build brand, message and marketing strategies. As President, he helps bring these solutions to life in finished products. A witty and engaging speaker and trainer, Rich helps people move from where they are to where they need to be to create social and economic impact. Many clients rely on him for consultation and advice to maintain brand fidelity, respond to emerging issues and tailor evolving strategies. Raised in Los Angeles by two wonderful parents from Brooklyn, Rich’s career path was blazed through writing, graphic arts, fine arts, commercial advertising and political consulting—all of which contribute to his work in social impact marketing. Rich lives in his beloved Silver Spring with his wife, two sons and a dog that controls everything in decidedly existential ways. No cause is too small or too big for Rich—as long as it holds the promise of moving people forward.

Sarah Hutchinson

Partner, Vice President Creative Services

In addition to mastering content and strategy, Sarah has the twin gifts of knowing how to get things done and knowing how to get people to do them. Combining these abilities with her expertise in creative development and campaign execution, she’s a part of our work from beginning to end. Sarah’s leadership includes digital and print materials, website development, advertising and social media campaigns. Her skills enable many of our clients to mount powerful and effective campaigns even when they are on relatively small budgets. Sarah also leads project teams and manages internal and external team members to ensure the quality and timeliness of our work. Born in Boulder, Colorado, Sarah grew up in Minden, Nevada, on a ranch in the Sierra foothills. At 15, she attended a campaign training workshop where she met Rich, who casually offered her a job once she got out of college. Much to Rich’s surprise, Sarah came to D.C. to claim her job after earning her degree in English at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. Now eating and drinking her way through every D.C. hotspot, Sarah is married to a great guy—we doubt that she will ever settle down.

Ame Hellman

Vice President Strategic Philanthropy

A lawyer by training, Ame comes to Neimand Collaborative bringing a passion for creating social impact by harnessing the power of philanthropy. A lifelong conservationist and fundraiser with over 25 years of experience in leadership roles with national organizations, Ame has worked with and led cross-functional teams on organizational strategic planning, fundraising planning and building effective major and principal gift programs. Her efforts have driven the advancement of national organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, the World Wildlife Fund and The Wilderness Society. She raised $20M at WWF in a rapid two-year strategy launch campaign to support the organization’s strategic vision. As the Vice President of Philanthropy at The Wilderness Society, she tripled the number of major and principal gift donors and revenue, including the launch of a successful Leadership Initiative campaign that raised $40M. Most recently she served as Chief Philanthropy Officer for the National Park Foundation, helping the foundation meet its goal of $500M for the Centennial Campaign for America’s National Parks and build out its first regional major gifts team. When Ame’s not making the world a better place through her knack for philanthropy, you’ll find her training and competing in dressage with her talented Danish Warmblood, Asta.

Shannon Rosenthal

Vice President Operations

Shannon’s collaborative energy and find-a-solution mentality help to ensure our company is doing right by its clients. With a wealth of direct client and project experience, she now runs our business and us with great instincts for what our team needs on a daily basis to make great impact for our clients and their causes. Her passion for logistics, numbers and organization has made her our go-to person for just about everything that needs to go right. Shannon is the rock who rocks. A native of New Jersey, Shannon moved to North Carolina during her high school years and later completed her degree in marketing at East Carolina University. In 2000, she moved to Washington, D.C., where she honed her skills in marketing, production and team management—and found her husband. She, her husband and their two daughters are here for good with family and friends that make the D.C. area home.

Armando Molina Bou

Creative Director

With more than 20 years of experience in strategic branding and political communications, Armando has worked on every conceivable type of advocacy, grassroots, lobbying and corporate campaign. For web and print campaigns, Armando plays many roles—creative and art director, designer and writer. He has an uncanny ability to visually translate the message and help clients understand their brand, values, audience and long-term goals. Armando grew up in Puerto Rico and earned dual degrees from Pennsylvania State University in communications and graphic design. His work has been showcased by International Papers and Mohawk Papers and included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian. Armando has served as a key creative partner with Rich Neimand since 1995, most recently collaborating from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he and his daughter make their home—and share a love for photography…and vintage Fisher Price toys.

Kristen Keesee

Communications Manager

Kristen comes to Neimand Collaborative bringing her background in writing and design along with a passion for making a positive impact. Between her Type-A personality and knack for getting it right, Kristen stays busy tracking deadlines and keeping everything moving at rapid speeds. A Pennsylvania native, Kristen moved to Charlottesville, Virginia for high school before returning to her northern roots to study international relations and multimedia journalism at Boston University, where she fell in love with learning about cultures and storytelling. Kristen’s never been one to take ‘no’ for an answer—which is particularly handy when making sure our clients have everything they need. When she’s not dreaming up new content strategies or solving seemingly impossible requests, Kristen’s usually found exploring all the hotspots around D.C. or planning her next globetrotting adventure—with a cup of coffee in hand.

Catherine Solomon

Communications Manager

Through experiences in the fields of public health, nonprofit management and social entrepreneurship, Catherine has developed a passion for social impact and helping organizations reach their full potential. She immerses herself in the topic at hand and ensures thorough management of client projects, particularly those focused on K-12 education, vulnerable populations and community health. Prior to joining our team, Catherine worked with causes ranging from development, relief and social business ventures abroad to school music program support in her home state of Maryland. She holds a B.A. in advertising from Penn State University and a Master of Public Administration from the Trachtenberg School at George Washington University. When she isn’t planning her next getaway, Catherine loves running and taking advantage of D.C.’s live music venues at every chance she gets.

Alyssa Murphy

Communications Manager

Alyssa comes to Neimand Collaborative with a background in scholarly publishing. Having worked for child psychiatry and literary journals, Alyssa brings a knowledge of mental health and child development as well as an understanding of narrative structure. With a B.A. in English from Yale and an M.A. in History of Art from the University of Pennsylvania, she can pinpoint what will take copy and graphics from good to great. And never content to focus on just one content area, Alyssa is always busy learning about new concepts and credits a constant consumption of podcasts for keeping her informed. She lives in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C. with her husband and fills her free time with barre classes, classic murder mysteries, historic house tours, and lots and lots of coffee.

Jim Webb

Web Developer

Our longtime partner, Jim Webb, is skilled in front-end and back-end website development using WordPress and Drupal. He also specializes in user experience design, analytics consulting and usability testing. Jim is an active teacher and trains web developers at companies including The Washington Post, Hewlett-Packard, Wells Fargo, PBS, AIGA and National Public Radio. Jim is the former design lead for National Geographic Digital Media, where he presided over three site-wide redesigns, won a Webby award, cut bounce rates by a third and directed an in-house usability testing lab.

Passion, politics and public good.

“Communications [is] an intervention that can be used to bring about change, particularly in encouraging attitudes, behaviors and policies.” —Frank Karel

I’ve never met Frank, but he changed the course of my life. As a high school student with a growing interest in social justice, I volunteered at the frank gathering, a conference where communications professionals, researchers, nonprofit workers and more come together to challenge themselves and think deeply about the issues our world faces. The gathering focuses on public interest communications, which uses a combination of science and strategy to effect social change. I had always seen myself becoming involved in politics and realized that the style of communicating I was seeing at frank was becoming increasingly applicable to the political world. In being upfront and intentional in writing and sounding like your audience, they really hear you—and the groundwork needed for significant change is put in place. Once I saw that, I realized that I wanted to use my own skills in writing and communicating to help usher in social change.

Using communications to persuade people to see my point of view was something I’d already had experience with through competing in pageants. As a contestant, you develop your own personal “brand” that helps judges get to know who you are and what you value most. I would write talking points, calibrating them to persuade judges to favor me for the crown each time I competed. My messaging centered around the passionate individual that my experiences with the frank gathering had led me to become, discussing my future in politics and public interest communications in each of my pageant interviews. This experience in formulating messaging, combined with my passion for politics and the public good, led me to intern at Neimand Collaborative, which brings me to you.

Strategic communications have the opportunity to improve how things work in our world, and Neimand does this by providing clients with the support to do what they do best in the most impactful and efficient way. You’d be surprised by what a clearly defined goal and some well-thought-out strategy can do. Take a look at the work done with Guilford County Schools, where a message that books are a great way to have an adventure without even leaving home helped kids maintain the gains they’d made with reading during the school year.

As an intern at Neimand Collaborative, I have had the opportunity to sharpen my communications skills by tackling the many and very different tasks that go into putting out messaging. Whether it was writing memos on the philanthropic plans that Jeff Bezos is making with his Day One Fund to prepare clients for strategic opportunities, taking a stab at writing social media copy or proofreading anything and everything I could get my hands on to ensure a consistent message, I’ve been pretty busy the past three months. It has been so interesting to have an inside look at how intentional messaging and research methodology can combine to create impactful marketing strategies. I’ve learned that there is value in making your message clear and communicating in a way that your audience will listen to you, two things that have come in handy in College Writing 101.

The experiences that I had while interning have laid a solid foundation for my future endeavors. After a fall spent honing my communications skills at Neimand, I’ll be spending the spring focusing on politics. This January, you will find me on the Hill, giving constituents a tour of the Capitol building or writing policy memos as a Congressional Intern. You can be sure that I’ll keep exploring how I can meld the two to pursue social change. Who knows—maybe someday soon you’ll see me at frank.

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