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You move forward by working all the angles that create impact.Working all the angles that create impact.

Government is too small to do it all. Philanthropy doesn’t have enough money. Private enterprise needs incentive to meet public needs. People, when properly motivated as consumers of policies and products, greatly influence the marketplace of public and private innovation.

  • Politics

    The best politics creates the best policies.

  • Policy

    The best policies meet public needs.

  • People

    Popular support drives the best politics.

Politics drives policy
and people drive both.

A simple method for social impact.

We have an intuitive way to move you forward: meet people where they are, find connecting interests and lead them to a better place.

  • Goals

    What you’re trying to achieve with whom and how fast.

  • Research

    Where your value connects with what people value.

  • Brand & Message

    One message that builds valued relationships with different people.

  • Market

    A practical and measurable strategy that moves everyone to act in their own interest and the interests of others.

We simplify the complexity of rallying government, philanthropy, private enterprise, practitioners
and people around something new and better.

Trust for Learning

Making ideal learning real for all.

We believe that social impact only happens when public demand for improvement is met with the supply of products and policies that deliver results—not just for a few, but for all. That’s why we were so happy when Trust for Learning (the Trust) found us and asked for help in bringing ideal early learning programs to all children, regardless of their zip code.

The Trust had to overcome a number of obstacles to achieve its mission. It was advocating for access to ideal early learning programs at a time when policymakers and many advocates thought that providing access to any alternative to the status quo was the best they could do. Separate communities of Ideal Learning providers, such as Montessori, Friends Center for Children, Reggio Emilia, Tools of the Mind, Bank Street College of Education, and Waldorf, had to be brought together as a field to define and advance universal principles of Ideal Learning. Funders and program providers had to be convinced to invest significant resources in increasing access to Ideal Learning programs for more children and communities, especially those who are historically underserved by the best-performing programs.

Neimand Collaborative helped Trust for Learning develop a foundational marketing plan that has empowered this small group of collaborative funders to do big work in bringing the highest-quality early childhood programs to all children. We helped them combine and sequence field building with message development, fundraising, capacity building, communications and policy advocacy. And, we built and promoted a series of products that elevates the Trust and advances its work. The Trust’s website now serves as a hub for Ideal Learning advocates and practitioners, providing advocacy and informational materials that can be used across programs and providers. In addition, we helped the Trust complete groundbreaking national research into parents as consumers of early childhood education, which has helped Ideal Learning providers forge closer ties with parents and communities and is changing the way the early childhood community improves parent engagement and equity through access to ideal programs.

Our early work of intensive strategic planning, an organizational theory of change, branding and strategic communications laid the groundwork for the Trust to evolve into a thought leader in high-quality early education and an active partner in helping funders and practitioners scale Ideal Learning programs to all children, not just to those whose parents can afford them. Neimand Collaborative continues to serve as the Trust’s strategic communications partner in charge of impact marketing—making Ideal Learning real for all children and making sure nobody settles for anything less.


  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Research
  • Communications
  • Website management

Artemis Strategy Group; Calibogue Communications


Rich Neimand


Rich works at the confluence of politics, policy and consumerism to market social impact. He’s known for his ability to synthesize disparate information into compelling persuasion. Rich develops messages that tap into attitudes, touch shared values and unite different audiences around common objectives. His specialty is breaking through political polarization to create advances in education, health, financial inclusion, transportation and conservation. As the founder of Neimand Collaborative, he helps bring these solutions to life in integrated campaigns. Raised in Los Angeles by two wonderful parents from Brooklyn, Rich’s career path was blazed through writing, graphic arts, fine arts, commercial advertising and political consulting—all of which contribute to his work in social impact marketing. No cause is too small or too big for Rich as long as it holds the promise of moving people forward.

Sarah Hutchinson


In addition to mastering content and strategy, Sarah has the twin gifts of knowing how to get things done and knowing how to get people to do them. Combining these abilities with her expertise in creative development and campaign execution, she’s a part of our work from beginning to end. Sarah’s leadership includes digital and print materials, website development, advertising and social media campaigns. Her skills enable many of our clients to mount powerful and effective campaigns even when they are on relatively small budgets. Sarah also leads project teams and manages internal and external team members to ensure the quality and timeliness of our work. Born in Boulder, Colorado, Sarah grew up in Minden, Nevada, on a ranch in the Sierra foothills. At 15, she attended a campaign training workshop where she met Rich, who casually offered her a job once she got out of college. Much to Rich’s surprise, Sarah came to D.C. to claim her job after earning her degree in English at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. Now eating and drinking her way through every D.C. hotspot, Sarah is married to a great guy—we doubt that she will ever settle down.

Ame Hellman

Vice President Strategic Philanthropy

A lawyer by training, Ame comes to Neimand Collaborative bringing a passion for creating social impact by harnessing the power of philanthropy. A lifelong conservationist and fundraiser with over 25 years of experience in leadership roles with national organizations, Ame has worked with and led cross-functional teams on organizational strategic planning, fundraising planning and building effective major and principal gift programs. Her efforts have driven the advancement of national organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, the World Wildlife Fund and The Wilderness Society. She raised $20M at WWF in a rapid two-year strategy launch campaign to support the organization’s strategic vision. As the Vice President of Philanthropy at The Wilderness Society, she tripled the number of major and principal gift donors and revenue, including the launch of a successful Leadership Initiative campaign that raised $40M. Most recently she served as Chief Philanthropy Officer for the National Park Foundation, helping the foundation meet its goal of $500M for the Centennial Campaign for America’s National Parks and build out its first regional major gifts team. When Ame’s not making the world a better place through her knack for philanthropy, you’ll find her training and competing in dressage with her talented Danish Warmblood, Asta.

Shannon Rosenthal

Vice President Operations

Shannon’s collaborative energy and find-a-solution mentality help to ensure our company is doing right by its clients. With a wealth of direct client and project experience, she now runs our business and us with great instincts for what our team needs on a daily basis to make great impact for our clients and their causes. Her passion for logistics, numbers and organization has made her our go-to person for just about everything that needs to go right. Shannon is the rock who rocks. A native of New Jersey, Shannon moved to North Carolina during her high school years and later completed her degree in marketing at East Carolina University. In 2000, she moved to Washington, D.C., where she honed her skills in marketing, production and team management—and found her husband. She, her husband and their two daughters are here for good with family and friends that make the D.C. area home.

Marnay Meyer

Design Director

Marnay is a visual storyteller who helps clients implement creative strategies that speak to their audiences and advance their missions. Using her experience in design and visual strategy, Marnay employs research and user-centered approaches to create innovative communications. She has developed successful creative campaigns, including branding and identity development, website and social media creation, and design strategies to help clients achieve lasting impact. Marnay has spent the majority of her career in the communications and non-profit space, working with organizations such as the Ford Foundation, Packard Foundation, and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation. Marnay received her bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the Maryland Institute College of Art and lives in Maryland with her husband and son. In her free time, she enjoys mastering jigsaw puzzles, trying her hand at scrapbooking and blogging about her favorite local restaurants.

Kim Adamski

Director, Social Impact Campaigns Implementation

With a background in state and local campaigns, issue advocacy and public policy, Kim joins the Neimand Collaborative team with a commitment to helping organizations fulfill their vision through social impact. Kim brings over 15 years of experience working with national non-profit organizations such as the ONE Campaign, Save the Children Action Network and The Pew Charitable Trusts. Before joining the team, she worked on hundreds of successful campaigns to affect change on issues ranging from international development, early childhood education and expanding access to health care. Kim holds a B.A. in Justice Studies from American University. While she is a Kentucky girl at heart, Kim now calls the D.C. area home where she lives with her husband, son and two Boston Terriers.

Catherine Solomon

Social Impact Strategist

Through experiences in the fields of public health, nonprofit management and social entrepreneurship, Catherine has developed a passion for social impact and helping organizations reach their full potential. She immerses herself in the topic at hand and ensures thorough management of client projects, particularly those focused on K-12 education, vulnerable populations and community health. Prior to joining our team, Catherine worked with causes ranging from development, relief and social business ventures abroad to school music program support in her home state of Maryland. She holds a B.A. in advertising from Penn State University and a Master of Public Administration from the Trachtenberg School at George Washington University. Drawn to the 300+ days of sunshine each year and having the Rocky Mountains in her backyard, Catherine headed west to Denver, Colorado in 2019 and enjoys as much running, hiking and camping as she can.

Christina Berube

Social Impact Strategist

Christina brings over 15 years of experience in philanthropy and nonprofit communications to the Neimand Collaborative team. She has raised funds in support of large national organizations and small grassroots efforts in impact areas like conservation, health care, arts and social services. Christina is a highly skilled strategist as well as fundraiser and brings a wealth of experience from organizations like World Wildlife Fund, the Smithsonian Institution and Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center Foundation. She has planned and launched capital campaigns, planned giving and grateful patient programs, modernized development operations and mobilized boards and leadership for fundraising. While Christina is deeply knowledgeable when it comes to fundraising best practices, she understands that each organization is unique and knows how to create specific, practical strategies for success. Christina has been a runner twice as long as she’s been a fundraiser and when she’s not laced up, she loves to travel and spend time in nature with her husband and kids.

Jennifer Guzman

Social Impact Strategist

Jennifer has spent the past six years passionately advancing human rights and women’s leadership around the world. Most recently, she was a Program Manager for the Human Rights team at Vital Voices Global Partnership, where she managed the Justice Institute on Gender-Based Violence, an international training program focused on creating a holistic, victim-centered response to violence against women. Jennifer has helped implement 22 programs in 14 different countries, supporting critical partnerships to end gender-based violence globally with organizations such as the Avon Foundation for Women, Airbnb, Uber and the Eurasia Foundation. Prior to joining Vital Voices in Washington, DC, Jennifer spent time working in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where she conducted an evaluation of the Lotus Kids’ Club, a program that uses holistic education to prevent future cases of human trafficking and exploitation among some of the poorest families in the region. Prior to her graduate studies, Jennifer worked at a local elementary school, where she taught French and Spanish to children ranging from pre-K to the fifth grade. Jennifer graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with degrees in International Studies and French, and completed her Master of Public Service degree at the University of Arkansas’ Clinton School of Public Service.

Jim Webb

Web Developer

Our longtime partner, Jim Webb, is skilled in front-end and back-end website development using WordPress and Drupal. He also specializes in user experience design, analytics consulting and usability testing. Jim is an active teacher and trains web developers at companies including The Washington Post, Hewlett-Packard, Wells Fargo, PBS, AIGA and National Public Radio. Jim is the former design lead for National Geographic Digital Media, where he presided over three site-wide redesigns, won a Webby award, cut bounce rates by a third and directed an in-house usability testing lab.

Integrating fundraising and marketing: Being on message is being on the money.

Nonprofits face the dual challenge of working to fulfill their mission and simultaneously communicating their impact to a generous funding base so they can continue their work. When revenue is up, a common question that many hiring managers face is whether they should prioritize hiring additional program staff, communications professionals to message those programs or development staff to ensure the programs stay funded. This dilemma becomes even more acute when revenue is down, often resulting in the organization simply throwing more fundraisers at the problem, without a clear focus on donor-centric messaging that drives greater revenue. I’ve seen this problem firsthand while working on the inside of conservation-focused nonprofits. More often than not, it was the donor communications team that got the short end of the stick.

I began a new chapter in my career as a consultant when I joined Neimand Collaborative. Our goal in adding my philanthropy skillset to this well-respected branding and communications firm was simple: we want to provide our clients the tools to work with and communicate to their donors more effectively. Traditionally, the most common opportunity to obtain the donor feedback needed for effective messaging comes in the form of a formal Feasibility Study for a campaign. Building on Neimand Collaborative’s unique research and communications experience, we can support our clients in creating not only the case for support in the context of a campaign, but other donor-centric communication strategies and deliverables as well.

I’ve worked in the nonprofit sector for over 25 years, serving in both program and philanthropy team leadership roles, developing organizational strategic plans, fundraising plans and even building out full-scale fundraising programs. I’ve worked at major conservation organizations like The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund and The Wilderness Society. In all of those roles, perfecting the art of seamlessly integrating fundraising and communications was key to success.

Here’s what I learned: a nonprofit needs to establish a culture of donor-centric messaging early so it isn’t forced to choose between the why of the work and the how of delivering it.

It has to develop the ability to sustain itself and the work—and it needs to create a culture of collaboration between marketing, communications, program and fundraising staff to get there. At the end of the day, the big win is to succeed at creating a culture of philanthropy across all internal departments and key external volunteer leader champions as the organization talks about its impact.

While a fundraising consultant can help a nonprofit engage in strategic philanthropic planning and fundraising, marketing and communications consultants create the strategic communications and collateral materials needed to bring the donors to the table.

Housing all three of these skillsets in the same place creates a seamless process and a more powerful product. Hiring multiple teams gets expensive—and inefficient. The client loses valuable time and money getting another team up to speed when different consultants could have been collaborating from the start. Working with a cross-functional team makes the team stronger, better prepared to tackle diverse challenges and ultimately armed with the resources to deliver the best result.

Let’s face it, most organizations are very inwardly focused—and everyone needs help looking outwards as they look within themselves for direction. Staff have endless meetings to strategize internally about the future of their particular program or project. Their attention tends to focus on peers in the field and the groups they serve rather than the actual funder communities that are essential to their successful outcomes. They frame their work in terms of their urgent needs, what they know and believe is the most pressing program to fund at the time and why their new approach is better than anyone else’s. They might be aware of the need to talk to an individual funder or two, but more often than not, it’s in the context of the next solicitation, and not necessarily tied to feedback about the way that the organization is talking about their opportunities and impact to other prospective funders. Bringing in a communications professional’s perspective on value provides a broader focus and the message discipline to make the program’s impact align with the donor’s desire to provide funding. Most importantly, this process will allow the nonprofit the ability to talk about their impact from the donor’s perspective—focusing on what the donor cares about most, what the organization actually achieved with their money and how the donor is special to the organization’s mission success.

Neimand Collaborative believes that all the experts across departments should work together from the start. We help our clients articulate their value coherently across the organization—from marketing to development to communications—by establishing a consistent donor-centric mindset and overarching message. This approach helps everyone sing from the same songbook and still feel heard.

There are so many great nonprofits doing visionary, necessary work. To continue delivering on their promise, those organizations need quality program work, but they also have to invest in their ability to strategically articulate impact of that work to the right audiences. By linking fundraising know-how with strong skillsets aligned with marketing and communications, we aim to arm our clients with the right tools to succeed.

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